DKNI Counselling

Belfast based practical, confidential counselling services & clinical supervision for counsellors, near the city centre. BUPA Insurance accepted. Newry Counselling appointments in Ballybot House in the centre of Newry on Monday and Wednesday evenings

Confidential Instant Drug Testing – All tests are CE Marked with an accuracy level of 99%.

Pro-Consultations counselling is more than just talking about feelings. It’s about giving you the tools to live a healthier, more meaningful life. When you come in, we’ll talk about what is concerning you and then create a plan to help you get on the path to good mental health. Pro-Consultations Counselling offering psychotherapy and clinical supervision in Northern Ireland is located in Belfast 10 minutes walk from the City Centre and 5 minutes from the Titanic Quarter at City East offices, Newtownards Road. Or off the main shopping areas in the Centre of Newry at Ballybot House.

Room 101 City East Offices
68-72 Newtownards Road
Belfast BT4 1GW

David used worked on the National Advisory Committee on Drugs, advising the Irish Minister of State; most noteworthy he was a director on the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities; he also volunteered as a Welfare Officer in rural Nigeria for a year; and is now the Behavioural Clinical Lead for Praxis Care; a mental health charity in Ireland, England and the Isle of man, above all he now runs a private psychotherapy practice in Belfast and rightly so.

David’s work is most noteworthy and certainly even more so as he likes to help people and improve their lives; furthermore improving their loved ones’ lives also! finally making their surrounding easier to swallow. Likewise DKNI also offer couples counselling; if your relationship is going through a difficulty phase we can certainly help and as a result enhance your love life even more then before while in contrast bring effective communication and bring conflict advice, which is a good thing!

“Feeling Alone… Life Can Be Difficult. Let Us Help. It’s time to take control of your problems and live a happier and more fulfilling life!”

Most of us will encounter some significant change that causes us to feel alone, frighten, hurt and unable to cope. Personal and emotional well-being is possible. Let us help you get there again.


Counselling can help.


At Pro-Consultations Counselling in Northern Ireland, we understand that life can become overwhelming and stressful. Through confidential and professional care, we can start you on the path to a better life.

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