DKNI Counselling is focused on providing high-quality confidential and effective counselling, psychotherapy and help, complying with National Counselling Society & BACP professional standards and ethics.

Effective, confidential, comfortable, professional counselling

Our expert counsellors are qualified to perform individual, couples and group therapy sessions, and treat:

  • Anxiety & Depression – In Northern Ireland 1 in 5 of us will face a mental health problem sometime in our lives.
  • Infertility & IVF Counselling support –  According to NHS Direct, nearly 4 million couples in the UK have difficulty conceiving.
  • Stress – One of the biggest problems causing absenteeism from school or lost days off work.
  • Addiction – Whether with alcohol, drugs, food or gambling lives fall apart and families hurt.
  • Grief – Feeling alone or not understood after the loss of someone.
  • Life Transitions – Often the most difficult part of life is fitting in after a significant move or change.
  • Trauma-Related Issues – Can result in the replay of unwanted horrible images, fear, isolation and harm.
  • Relationship Problems – Straight talking Gottman approach to making relationships work without resorting to psycho-babble.
  • Transitional Counselling – with Ex-Pats who have moved to Northern Ireland or returned after a long-term away.

Instant saliva &/or urine Drug Testing available – All tests are CE Marked with an accuracy level of 99%.

David used worked on the National Advisory Committee on Drugs, advising the Irish Minister of State; most noteworthy he was a director on the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities; he also volunteered as a Welfare Officer in rural Nigeria for a year; and is now the Behavioural Clinical Lead for Praxis Care; a mental health charity in Ireland, England and the Isle of man, above all he now runs a private psychotherapy practice in Belfast and rightly so.

David’s work is most noteworthy and certainly even more so as he likes to help people and improve their lives; furthermore improving their loved ones’ lives also! finally making their surrounding easier to swallow. Likewise DKNI also offer couples counselling; if your relationship is going through a difficult phase we can certainly help and as a result enhance your love life even more then before while in contrast bring effective communication and bring conflict advice, which is a good thing!

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The level of care at DKNI Counselling was fantastic and very helpful. Having been a client for only 9 sessions, I am impressed by David’s professionalism and my own success I experienced. Thank you!


In this day and age, it’s hard to find caring you can trust. David was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!


It was worth doing. David helped me realise how I could help myself. It was just practical stuff I could do for myself, but he always seemed to know what I needed to look at. Thanks for all you’ve done.


I only went for the first session and after I felt I was doing Ok. We both agreed I didn’t need any counselling and I didn’t feel pushed into anything. Thanks. Feel good about myself.